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Our blog has been set up to provide you with helpful information regarding maximising the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.

There are many interesting independent articles and whitepapers here to download and links to some of the best resources on the net.

Your Landing Page Needs an Ultimate Reason to Maximize Conversion (Live from MarketingSherpa Summit 2017)

In this fantastic blog post, Flint McGlaughlin, Managing Director, MECLABS, lectured on the value proposition.

“A value proposition is an ultimate reason,” he said. “It is the answer to the question posed in the customer’s mind, ‘If I am the ideal customer, why should I purchase from your organization rather than any of your competitors?'”

If the answer to that question is not an ultimate reason, your business or product does not deserve to exist. If someone else can serve your set of ideal customers better, then you are simply surviving on pockets of ignorance.

Honeyweb use these conversion centred design principals so if you want to get more out of your online marketing, contact us today.

Your Landing Page Needs an Ultimate Reason to Maximize Conversion (Live from MarketingSherpa Summit 2017)

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UX or Design - Where should marketers invest?

There is a problem with the question in the headline above. The problem is it implies a zero-sum game. If you focus on UX or focus on design, you lose either way.

The key to any successful message is the combination of the two in service to the customer.

In this video, our Managing Director, Flint McGlaughlin, talks about the false dichotomy inherent in the question of UX vs. design.

By Paul Cheney

UX or Design - Where should marketers invest?

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Check out the NEW GSM Electrical (Trader) Website Designed & Constructed by Honeyweb Online Marketing

GSM Electrical (Australia) –  Home of the ‘Trader’ Brand is Australia’s newest range of Genuine Trade Alternatives of Electrical Accessories and low voltage wiring devices for the Electrical Contractors and Electrical Wholesalers of Australia.

South Australian owned and operated by the Gerard Family (the founders of Clipsal under Gerard Industries) we strongly believe in supporting the needs of the electrical trade with the supply of quality, Australian Standard, cost effective products with familiar products in our offer and some of our own innovation through our distribution partners. We don’t operate in the retail and hardware environment selling electrical direct to the consumers and we are 100% committed to the Trade Channel. We are delighted to be back in the business and looking forward to working with the Trade in product categories we know and love.

Visit our website to discover how we can design a conversion optimised website for your business.

Check out the NEW GSM Electrical (Trader)  Website Designed & Constructed by Honeyweb Online Marketing

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10 Reasons to Create a Simple Small Business Marketing Plan

A marketing plan outlines all the important pieces needed to successfully and consistently market your business

A marketing plan does not have to be lengthy or complicated.

Creating a simple marketing plan is something every small business should have to guide your efforts and keep you focused on your goals.

Whether you want to focus solely on inbound marketing or you want to integrate online with off-line marketing activities, there are 10 important reasons why your small business needs a realistic but simple marketing plan.

Read more here. Source: Debra Murphy 

Honeyweb can create and manage an effective marketing plan for your business today! Click here to learn how we can help you, or here to contact us and discuss ideas.

10 Reasons to Create a Simple Small Business Marketing Plan

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Perfect Your Facebook Advertising Landing Page with Honeyweb, the Facebook Advertising Specialists

When it comes to Facebook advertising, your first challenge is to attract people to come and look at your landing page. The second challenge, is to convince them that your product is, quite simply, amazing

If your ad campaign has the average click-through rate of 8%, but only 12% of those people convert on your landing page, the real conversion rate of your campaign is 0.96%.

So, what do you do when your landing page’s conversion rate is too low?

Here are 10 Crucial Elements of Facebook Ads Landing Pages you need to know now:

1. Irresistible UVP (Unique Value Offer)

How are your visitors profiting from your landing page? What are they getting out of it? The tangible benefit and value of what you’re offering is what you need to focus on to get click throughs. Make sure your proposition is about the customer, not the product.

2. Must-click call-to-action (CTA) buttons

If there are no CTAs on your landing page, your client will leave without converting which is problematic. There should be clear, relevant CTAs throughout your page – and the more contrasting they are, the more likely they will attract attention and thus generate new leads. Action words (i.e. Start, Do, Claim) result in higher conversion rates, also.

3. Excellent copywriting

Forget any irrelevant information and only include material regarding conversion. Remember, your landing pages should reflect what the customer wants, don’t mislead them with unnecessary information.

4. Highly relevant images

All images are important on landing pages – they should be of high quality and contribute to the visitor’s final conversion. These graphics may even be used as visual solutions for customers’ queries.

5. Short and sweet opt-in forms

After a visitor lands on your landing page and is convinced your product is right for them, it’s your job to turn them into a customer – this is achieved via an opt-in form. In regards to asking client questions: seek the information necessary to qualify your leads and to determine their personal customer experience.

6. Undisrupted flow

A clear flow of text and images is crucial for success. It’s also important to ensure each new paragraph links (logically) from the previous one. Keep your messages consistent on Facebook landing pages, you don’t want to confuse your visitor and deter them from considering your product or service.

7. Customer testimonials

People often look for social proof before they purchase a new product, and this often comes from customer testimonials. Placing several of these on your Facebook landing page will more likely increase the trust visitors have in your brand, leading to higher leads, conversions and sales. 

8. Additional social proof

To differentiate your brand from the many others in the market which are similar in their features, evidence of branding and customer experience is needed. To gain more trust, more social proof is needed.

9. Helpful live chat

This tool answers questions put forward by visitors, and is effective in closing additional deals. It’s worth considering using a timer on live chat pop ups, to allow the customer to browse and focus on the potential of your products/services.

10. Perfect mobile experience

It’s a necessity for brands to understand the importance of mobile landing pages. As stated in AdEspresso mobile ads formed 80% of Facebook’s ad revenue in Q4 of 2016. Mobile landing pages should be direct in their message as opposed to desktop sites.   

Source: AdEspresso

Are you ready to generate more leads, sales and customers for your business? We can help you! Click here to learn more about our Facebook Advertising expertise and watch your conversion rates rise as a result. Click here to contact us today!

Perfect Your Facebook Advertising Landing Page with Honeyweb, the Facebook Advertising Specialists

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2017 Web Design Trends

Each year New Media Campaigns likes to take some time to figure out the upcoming trends in web design

It's essential to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the most modern and effective tactics are used when designing a website.

Here’s a glimpse of what's anticipated to take place in 2017:

  • Forget the grid
  • Multi-faceted Feature Areas
  • Vertical Split Layouts

Read the full article here. Source: Ashley Bennett

Does your business' website need an upgrade or a complete new design? Click here to learn how we can help you be readily found online. Click here to contact us today.

2017 Web Design Trends

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SEO Tips for Developers During a Redesign Project

While SEOs and web developers are both responsible for the success of a company’s website, their jobs are very different from one another

Web developers get to use their design skills to make the website look “cool” but they usually don’t know what they should about SEO.

The SEO’s work isn’t as flashy but it’s equally important.

When it comes time for a website redesign, web developers and SEOs must work together to maintain organic search traffic.

Nick Stamoulis from Brick Marketing has listed 4 important SEO tips to follow:

  1. Keep URLS the same
  2. Use 301 redirects
  3. Transfer all the meta information
  4. Transfer all the H tags

Read the full article here. Source: Nick Stamoulis

Ensure your business is found online with our SEO services, and covert your visitors into leads and sales. Click here to learn more or here to contact our SEO experts. 

SEO Tips for Developers During a Redesign Project

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