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How many email’s do you or your organisation send out every day?

Well now, Honeyweb and Black Pearl can make every email not only look amazing but increase sales.

When you think about the emails that you and all your team send out each and every day, what does that email look like when it hits the recipient’s inbox?

Is it a stunning brand experience, does it jump out and make people want to do business with you, does it help showcase the amazing things you’re doing or the things you offer, because if the answer is no, then that's where Honeyweb and Black Pearl can help!

Example of our email signiture banner.

We take boring everyday email and transform it into a stunning brand experience that not only does justice to your brand but increases sales through our beautifully designed banners strategically placed below each signature, just like the one you can see below.

The cool thing about when you do this is that your emails get interacted with at a much higher rate and you can track all of this through the Black Pearl platform.

See who’s opening your email, not opening your email, clicking on links in your emails and you can even get sent real time notifications when all of that's happening, meaning you're capturing that magic minute with that recipient because now you know the best time to follow up.

If your email signature isn’t generating business, it’s just wasted space. Black Pearl transforms traditional signatures into a marketing channel with no code or IT needed required. Just beautiful signatures complemented with marketing banners and analytics to make every email more effective.

Need more info, click here checkout the PDF "General Information".
Need more info, click here checkout the PDF "Turn your everyday emails into revenue".

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