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Ecommerce solutions that increase sales.

How much is shopping cart abandonment
costing your business?

Rapidly boost your online sales.

Boost Sales/Leads
Increase Followers & Email Subscribers
Be found on Search Engines

Are you looking for a local Adelaide website deginer
to design you an eCommerce website that actually makes sales?

When it comes to ecommerce website design, not all are equal.
Honeyweb ecommerce websites are Google optimised meaning we give your site the best chance to be found on Google and we use the science and psychology of conversion centred design to convert more of those visitors into online sales and customers.

Before employing anyone to design a new ecommerce website for your business, there are four main points you need to consider.

The first is SEO or search engine optimisation, the second is self-management, the third is responsive or mobile friendly and the fourth and most important is objective optimised or what we call conversion centred ecommerce website design.

In today's competitive digital marketplace, your ecommerce website is your most important business resource.

We are not only web developers and experts in our trade, we are also, and most importantly, an Online Marketing Agency.
This means we know the science and psychology behind converting visitors into sales/leads.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

You don't exist if someone searching for your products or services can't find you.

If you want to have any chance of achieving first page results on Google, then your site needs to be search engine optimised.

Honeyweb ecommerce websites are generally built using ExpressionEngine (EE), our sites are search engine optimised from the start meaning, we give your website the best chance to be found on Google. While there are many things that effect search engine results, how your ecommerce  website is constructed has a major impact.

Self-Managed Websites or CMS

If you want promote your sale right now, you won't need to wait for us.

One of the things Google likes is that your website is kept up-to-date. Our ecommerce website's CMS is very easy to use meaning your updates will not be a chore.

Honeyweb ecommerce websites allow you to add unlimited subcategories while content including images, video and links are all easy to manage meaning you don't need to wait for us to update your site.

Responsive or mobile friendly websites

You need to deliver your online content in the way your customers want.

Responsive is the word used to describe a ecommerce website that reconfigures itself to fit any device including PC, tablet or mobile.

Mobile phones have now taken over from the PC as the device most used by people to view websites. If your current ecommerce website is not mobile friendly, your website bounce rate increases by an additional 44%. This meaning on average, 94% of visitors to your current ecommerce website are leaving without entering the site.

Objective Optimised or Conversion Centred Design

Every visitor to your ecommerce website is interested at some level, and if they add something to their shopping cart then they have decided to purchase that product/s. don't waste that opportunity.

While it's important to be found online it is also just as important to convert those visitors into online sales and subscribers/followers.

Honeyweb designed ecommerce website's shopping cart abandoment rate is half that of the average (67%) meaning we get twice as many completed online sales.

Q: For every hundred visitors to your ecommerce website, how much revenue is it generating?

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