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There are four main reasons why email marketing is the number one form of marketing today.

The first, email marketing is targeted, the second is what's called top of mind, the third is digital word-of-mouth and the fourth is email marketing is inexpensive.

Email marketing is today's number one ROI form of marketing averaging $47 return for every dollar spent.

"As many marketers feel the squeeze on their budgets, email marketing is becoming more popular as a cost effective and measurable way of communicating with customers and prospects."

Experian Australian research into email marketing.

Email Marketing is targeted

Remember, the more people you invite the more people will turn up.

If you're going to have a barbecue, you can't complain if no one turns up if you don't invite anyone. In order to have a successful barbecue, of course you need some friends and you then need them to provide you with their contact details in order to invite them, we call this opting in.

Some friends will provide you with their mobile number, others email address and some will follow you on social media. Once you have these details you can now invite these people to your barbecue via email, SMS or social media. The more people you invite, the more that will turn up!

Email Marketing = Top of mind

If you're not in your customer's minds, they are not going to think of you the next time they need a product or service you provide.

Companies like McDonald's and Coca-Cola are perfect examples of top of mind advertising. They are the biggest restaurant chain and beverage companies in the world but their food and beverage are; how would you say, not the best. So how do they do it?

They bombard us with their advertising so when we become hungry or thirsty we think of their brands. Think of it this way, if you met a plumber once and never met them again, and in 12 months' time you needed a plumber, you wouldn't remember that person. But if you met them on a regular basis, let's say once a month and in 12 months' time you needed a plumber, they would be top of mind. That's how email marketing works.


Telling me how good your business is, is called advertising. When one of my friends or your customers tells me how good your business is, it's called word-of-mouth or what we call social proof.

Following on from point one above, you may not want your friends to invite their friends to your barbecue, but as a business you definitely want them inviting their friends into your business. These are called brand advocates and they provide word-of-mouth promotion which I'm sure you agree, is the most effective form of marketing.

Email Marketing is inexpensive

The more people who opt in to your database, the more people you can invite to your barbecue.

To send a beautifully designed, quality email to 1,000 subscribers is only $66 and you can track who's opened your email and what they've been clicking on. This is how Honeyweb generates the majority of our hot leads.

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