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Social media marketing that connects.

Create genuine customer relationships and brand
advocates that increase your word-of-mouth.

Word of mouth has always been the best from of marketing.

Boost Sales/Leads
Increase Followers & Email Subscribers
Be found on Search Engines

If you agree word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing, then social media marketing has been described as word-of-mouth on steroids and it’s revolutionised how we make purchasing decisions.

In the old days, word-of-mouth would be you telling one or two friends at a barbecue about a fantastic product or service you have experienced. Today, through social media you can tell hundreds if not thousands of friends who can then pass that message onto their network of friends. We call this viral marketing and brand advocacy or social proof.

Think of it this way, you telling me how good your business is, is called advertising. When one of my friends or your customers tells me how good your business is, it’s called word-of-mouth and it's far more powerful.

Still not convinced? Then watch this informative video.

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisements.Social Media Video 2013

Remember, people are talking about your business right now, are you part of the conversation?

Social Media Management Packages.

(Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn + Google Plus)

Being active in social media can contribute to an increase in sales. Businesses that are engaged on social media enjoy higher customer loyalty, and increased brand recognition. The higher your number of social media followers (and the more these people are talking about your business online), the more trustworthy, credible, valuable and authoritative your business appears (this represents social proof).

The more quality content you syndicate on social media, the wider your reach and inbound traffic will be, leading to more conversions. In fact, every post you make on social media is an opportunity for customers to convert. Social media adds a humanisation element to your business, which is a huge benefit, as people like doing business with other people, not with companies.

85% of participants in social media aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use, or how best to navigate the social media world. Therefore, this package has been designed for those businesses that need assistance with managing their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + profiles.

This package has been designed as a best value package for businesses who need help with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus management.

  • 1 dedicated account representative.
  • 1-3 daily article posts Mon-Fri on all listed social media channels, including basic content creation, stock -images and basic graphics. Posts to include relevant hashtags, and make use of call to actions etc. (Number of posts per channel can vary).
  • 15 minutes of daily activity, including finding fans/followers, sending invites, engaging with followers, sharing affiliate business’s content, retweeting, researching relevant business/organisation pages to like/interact with etc… social scanning, watching of competitors.
  • Keyword research to identify keywords for use in social media.
  • Identification of signature hashtags for your business.
  • Regular communication with relevant person(s) to obtain information on your business for use in your news feed (for example, by phone/email fortnightly – subject to requirements)
  • Daily monitoring of all listed social media channel conversations, assisting with answering queries, replying to all messages. Complaints or relevant comments/issues to be forwarded on to management for consideration/action as required.
  • Monthly reporting on activity/performance.
  • Use of Hootsuite for posting to each of your social accounts. You will need a Hootsuite account.
  • Set up/audit of your listed social media pages (i.e. checking for correct/optimised information).
  • Updating of headers as needed (i.e. cover pic and profile pic), and keeping them fresh.
  • Identification of strategic opportunities for consideration (e.g. promos, milestone events, etc)

Trader Social Media Management Testimonial

Note: Your dedicated account representative will work closely with your business and will require your assistance by emailing specific business-related content to your Honeyweb account representative weekly, i.e. specials, sales, new product info, general news etc….

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