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While it's important to be found online it is more important to convert those visitors into sales/leads and customers, we call this website optimisation or conversion centred website design..

Q: What is your bounce rate? For every hundred visitors to your website, how many sales/leads and customers does it generate? How many visitors subscribe to your eNewsletter?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, Honeyweb can help your business.

What is an Average Bounce Rate?

"According to Google the average bounce rate for most sites falls in the range of 40% - 60%.  If your site bounce rate is below 40% you are doing well and if it's above 60% then you definitely need to find out why."

Anders Analytics.

What is "Bounce Rate"?

The easiest way to explain bounce rate is to think of your website as a shopfront. Let's say 100 people turn up to the front of your shop, the fact they have turned up means they must be interested at a certain level. The average bounce rate for a website is 50% meaning, 50 of the hundred people who turned up to your shopfront look at it and for whatever reason decide not to enter.

If you knew this was happening, you would chasing them down the street and asked why they didn't enter. Based on this feedback you would make changes to your shopfront? The same thing should apply to your website.

How many sales/leads and customers are you missing out on?

For every hundred visitors to your website, how many sales/leads and customers does it generate? Again, if you don't know the answer to this question, there is a high probability your website is leaking revenue as you read this sentence.

We increased Discount City Carpets website leads by1,097%, so don't just assume, find out the facts and make an informed decision regarding your website performance.

Make the most of your enewsletter subscribers!

Visitors to your website will all be at different stages in the buying cycle. For those not ready to commit to a sales/lead or to come into your business, your website's objective now becomes data collection, we call this opting-in.

For those who do opt-in, you now have the ability to stay top of mind by sending regular eNewsletter's, we call this lead nurturing and it is how Honeyweb generates most of our revenue.

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