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Our blog has been set up to provide you with helpful information regarding maximising the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy.

There are many interesting independent articles and whitepapers here to download and links to some of the best resources on the net.

5 Easy Link Building Tactics for Small Business

As white hat link building becomes more difficult than ever, you can't pass up the opportunity for free link building advice that still work. In this week's top post, SEJ contributor Jon Ball gives 5 of his best link building tips, specifically geared towards small business. 

The best thing about these tips is that they're incredibly easy to implement. Even if you're busy running your business at all hours of the day, and link building isn't necessarily your specialty, you'll still be able to reap the benefits of these tips.  

5 Easy Link Building Tactics for Small Business

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What Is Google Analytics? (The Plain English Guide)

This post is for you if you are super new to Google Analytics or you’ve installed it, logged in, gone deer-in-the-headlights and ran away from your computer to hide. I give you: A Google Analytics Tour.   

I was on the phone the other day chatting with someone who was interested in working with me and she shared something that smacked me in the face: "I just don’t know even know where to begin when I log in Google Analytics. What am I even supposed to be looking at?”

What Is Google Analytics? (The Plain English Guide)

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9 steps to achieve social marketing ROI

Just over eight years ago I wrote an article for iMedia called "Yes, You Can Predict Viral Marketing."

The terms used for viral marketing have changed since then and there are more social platforms to use these days. More platforms equates to market and audience confusion. You want to go where the fish are biting, but there are too many ponds and not many fish in any one of them.

9 steps to achieve social marketing ROI

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Get the best SEO from your content

It pays to get back to marketing basics every now and then. Make sure your content strategy accounts for these little details that matter to search engines -- without sacrificing quality.

Content marketing and search engine optimization are inextricably linked. Yet we're in a strange place at present. While search engine optimization companies rebrand themselves as "content marketing solutions," enterprises engaging in content marketing internally are engaging content producers with little or no SEO background.

Get the best SEO from your content

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Optimizing PPC Campaigns Simple copy changes that increased clickthrough rate by 289%

A PPC ad is often a customer’s first impression of your product or company. Those 130 characters present your chance of channeling that person’s interest into your sales funnel.

But simple copy faux pas direct people away from continuing the conversation with you. How can you identify weaknesses in PPC copy?

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Is Organic Better for You? It Is When You’re Talking About Site Traffic

Organic search drives more than half of website traffic referrals

When it comes to driving internet users to a website, nothing beats organic search. According to data from BrightEdge, organic search drove 51% of website traffic referrals worldwide during June and July 2014. Meanwhile, display, email and referred search ranked second, with 34% of referrals, paid search third (10%), and social media last (5%). The research monitored data from BrightEdge’s Data Cube, so broader industry metrics may vary.

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How to Drive Sales With Content Marketing

Content marketing is very different from other forms of marketing.

With the nature of the internet, you can distribute your messages to thousands of people, with a single click of a button at no cost! It is pretty powerful and the reason why content marketing works, is because it is not all about selling. Unlike other methods that SHOUT Sell, Sell, Sell, producing a piece of content for your customers is more of ‘soft’ way of addressing them and getting your messages across.

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"I would like to thank you for helping us generate a NEW revenue stream for the club. eZmail is an amazing product... Previously I have not had to work with electronic newsletters and I was quite apprehensive about getting started. I must congratulate you on a wonderful template, the easy step by step guide when putting together a campaign and the final result looks great. The scope for editorial and pictures is generous and easy to work with and there are so many options when putting together an E-newsletter. The feedback from our E-newsletter has been excellent. I have found it easy to sell advertising spots to sponsors and supporters and as mentioned, it is now generating a new positive revenue stream for the club. The quantity of reports that I can pull are very useful for my campaigns, I can see what works and what doesn't and best of all compare campaigns and see if our database is growing, an excellent method to follow up new membership opportunities. Most importantly I thank you for your ongoing support."

Dee Shepard
Sturt Football Club

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