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Managing AdWords The 3 DO’s and DON’Ts That Make Or Break Success

The overall outlook on pay per click marketing is trending up and to the right. 84% of users feel good about the current PPC market.

From text ads to remarketing, PPC marketers are reporting higher spending than ever before.

Budgets are skyrocketing for one reason: users are making more on PPC now than they were in the past.

By Brad Smith

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Managing AdWords The 3 DO’s and DON’Ts That Make Or Break Success


SEO and PPC Should Work Together

While search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine pay per click (PPC) advertising are two different marketing functions, they ultimately have the same goal: website clicks that drive conversions

Some website owners choose to deploy one or the other, depending on their goals and budget, but ideally you should be doing both to capitalise on the benefits of each.

While some website owners get this, and are investing in both, they still might be missing a huge opportunity.

If you’re able to invest in both, it’s important to integrate the SEO and PPC campaigns and ensure that your SEO team and PPC team are working together and communicating regularly.

Read more here to find out why. Source: Nick Stamoulis

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SEO and PPC Should Work Together

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55% Don’t Recognise Paid Ads in Google

55% of searchers don’t know which links in the SERPs are PPC (pay-per-click) ads, according to a new survey.

Up to 50% of users shown a search engine results page (SERP) screenshot do not identify paid ads.

In February it was found that out of 1,010 UK internet users who were asked the question below, 50.6% couldn’t identify which links were ads: Do you know which links on the Google search results page are paid adverts?

This figure has now changed to 55%.

Click here to read full article. Source: Search Engine Watch

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55% Don’t Recognise Paid Ads in Google

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The Need For Speed: 7 Observations On The Impact Of Page Speed To The Future Of Local Mobile Search

Having a mobile website may soon not be enough to get users to patronize your local business if it doesn’t deliver a fast and positive user experience. Wesley Young takes a look at the latest data and developments with regard to mobile websites.

BuzzBoard’s research found that 47.3 percent of SMBs do not have mobile-ready sites. The report also notes another 2015 study by RBC Capital Markets that reflects an even lower rate of adoption, it found 67 percent of SMBs’ sites are not mobile-ready.

The Need For Speed: 7 Observations On The Impact Of Page Speed To The Future Of Local Mobile Search

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Why Your AdWords Competitors Are Making More Money Than You

Don’t go green with envy over the success of your competitors’ Adwords campaigns.

I know, that’s a pretty harsh headline. But it’s true. Some of your AdWords competitors are making more money than you.

Whether you’re trying to generate leads, get new SaaS users or make ecommerce sales, there’s an AdWords competitor out there who’s able tospend more than you to acquire new business while also making more money at the same time.

Why Your AdWords Competitors Are Making More Money Than You

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Get A Better ROI From Your Marketing Budget With Google Adwords [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s a doozy for you: In 2013 Procter & Gamble spent $5 billion on marketing. Must be nice, eh?

Most businesses, though, have a much, how shall I say it, slimmer marketing budget. And squeezing as much as possible out of that budget is paramount to their success.Sounds like a lot of pressure, no? And with so many options to get your business out there (social, direct mail, radio ads and more), it’s hard to know where to allocate funds to get the best return on investment.

Well, we’ve got two words for you: Google Adwords.Combined with dedicated landing pages, Google Adwords can significantly improve your ROI. And we’ve got a handy dandy infographic from SMBclix to show you why you should be using Google Adwords. If not to better your ROI, then at least to give Procter & Gamble a run for its money.

Get A Better ROI From Your Marketing Budget With Google Adwords [INFOGRAPHIC]

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7 PPC Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)

In Advanced Google AdWords, Brad Geddes wrote, “Wouldn’t you like your ads to be sought after, not ignored?”

That’s the ultimate goal, right? To craft a PPC ad that’s so compelling people are happy to click it. It doesn’t happen often. If PPC has been around since 1996, why doesn’t it happen more often? Why haven’t advertisers perfected the process? Because the landscape is constantly changing. What you learned 6 months ago could already be outdated information. There’s always a new mistake to make.

7 PPC Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Fix Them)

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