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McDonald’s #downunderbigmac campaign reaches just 15 social media users: Is the hashtag dead?

A McDonald’s Australia social media campaign has failed to gain any traction, after the fast food giant suggested Australians eat their burgers upside down.

The campaign encouraged Aussies to flip their Big Macs over and eat them from the bottom up, claiming the burger has so many local ingredients the only way to make it more Australian would be to “flip it down under”.

The campaign ran across the week of Australia Day and is still ongoing at the time of publication. Diners were encouraged to use the hashtag #downunderbigmac, which, as Mumbrella has highlighted had been very sparsely used.

In a column published yesterday, Mumbrella noted the hashtag had been used four times on Twitter, twice on Instagram, and not at all on Facebook.

One day later, the hashtag has appeared an additional five times on Twitter, two more times on Instagram, and twice on Facebook, both times sharing Mumbrella’s post.

Read all the details here. Source: Dominic Powell

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McDonald’s #downunderbigmac campaign reaches just 15 social media users: Is the hashtag dead?

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How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Grow Your Reach

Do you want more people to see your Instagram content? Are you using Instagram hashtags?

Using the right hashtags makes it easier for people to find your Instagram posts and grows your reach.

In this article you’ll discover how to use Instagram hashtags to connect with new people on Instagram.

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram to Grow Your Reach

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4 Ways to Improve Engagement With Hashtags

Do you include hashtags in your social media posts? Want more traction from your hashtag campaigns?

Adding hashtags to your campaigns can drive engagement with fans and followers, as well as attract new and prospective customers.

In this article I’ll share four ways to improve reach and engagement with hashtags.

4 Ways to Improve Engagement With Hashtags

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“Hashtags Are The Facebook ‘Like’ Desperation Of Yesteryear”: Affinity CEO

Marketing newsflash! People on social media aren’t just waiting to ‘engage’ with your brand, says Luke Brown, CEO of tech driven advertising and media agency Affinity. For him, using hashtags in campaigns is a “sadly misguided tactic”.

“It’s a bit like the Facebook likes desperation of yesteryear,” he told B&T. “So much energy for no meaningful gain.

“Hashtags Are The Facebook ‘Like’ Desperation Of Yesteryear”: Affinity CEO

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Six Tips for a Killer Hashtag Marketing Campaign

Does your company use hashtag campaigns? Would you like to get the most out of your hashtag campaigns?

In this article you will discover how Travelocity successfully implemented the most successful social campaign in the company’s history.

Six Tips for a Killer Hashtag Marketing Campaign

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